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An Hysterical Question Time

No, we’re not hysterical, and this is not a “wage negotiation” Lord McNally. We are standing up to fight for our Justice System, not stooping to the level of your invective


When I listened to Lord McNally suggest that I amongst others was hysterical, on BBC radio 4’s Law in Action last week, I was somewhat taken aback. Even if he didn’t mean me personally, but the profession I belong to collectively, there was something discordant about his description. I recall the demonstration outside parliament a few weeks back which must go down as the most orderly protest in history. One where those ‘protesting’ calmly took a few steps backwards to clear the pavement when reminded that they were obstructing pedestrians. These protesters were ‘hysterical’?? Or maybe I am being unkind and its not this group to which he refers at all, but instead the 140 treasury counsel who wrote to the Attorney General complaining about the reforms or perhaps the 90 QC’s who wrote to the Telegraph warning that the reforms could undermine the rule of law. After all QC’s…

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