The impact of legal aid cuts in Thanet and East Kent

@kirkabout Once again explains for the hard of understanding (@mojgovuk) just WHAT #PCT is really all about,,thanks to BBC Radio Kent and @Gemma_Blythe

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

Oliver Kirk interviewed by Julia George on BBC Radio Kent in relation to the government’s proposals to ‘transform’ legal aid, particularly in relation to Kent and Thanet.

He says there are 35 practices across Kent who cover geographical areas as far apart as Sevenoaks, Dartford and Ramsgate. The Government proposes that all of those various practices be replaced with 5 firms who cover the whole of Kent. No legal aid practices will be untouched by this. No legal aid firms already cover the whole of Kent on a day-to-day basis. This will affect the way the whole legal aid system across Kent.

Q – Will this introduce superfirms across the county?

The Government’s plan is that firms should be more efficient. That will involve in centralisation. It is very, very unlikely that there will be a firm in Thanet, or even East Kent. If the proposals go ahead, the sensible…

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Life at “the lower end of the legal profession”

We are only too happy to publish the views of all branches of the profession on this blog, and are delighted to reblog this post from @chrispyes It is yet another example of the reality of the dedication and commitment of Legal Aid practitioners in the face of a continued hostile and ill informed polemic from @mojgovuk.
It also reinforces our view, notwithstanding the occasional and isolated contributions from those apparently out to make a quick buck, and who seek to sow doubt purely for their own advantage, that this profession IS united, and for the most part DOES understand the concept of professional ethics