The Unfair Taper

“The daily taper is a slur made against every advocate operating in the Crown Court. It says we drag cases out to make money. And it is exactly this false justification for the “reforms” like this that runs through the consultation like Blackpool through a stick of rock.”
And this is a graphic example of how Counsel work, but the Taper does not.

A view from the North

This is a genuine record of the progress of a criminal trial before the Crown Court. No criticism is intended of any party or individual. No exaggeration has been made. What is important is that under the current Government proposals counsel would be penalised for the progress of this case.

    Day One

The Judge has a couple of cases to deal with before commencing the trial. That allows counsel to discuss one or two final matters prior to the jury being sworn. As soon as the Judge has finished his other work the parties are ready to go. A jury is sworn. However this is a day of industrial action by certain members of the court staff. This trial involves one principle witness who will give evidence via the live link facilities. Other ongoing trials need the non-union staff to cover things like juries retiring to consider their verdicts so…

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Groundhog Day

This is well worth re-blogging for many reasons. Not the least of which is Guy’s demolition of Government spin, and let’s be honest, blatant dishonesty, in their campaign to destroy our Criminal Justice System

Guy Gozem

I know a lot of very good people who work in the criminal justice system (CJS). They have been treated quite appallingly by one government (and one Lord Chancellor) after another. Yet they have kept coming back for more. I’ve lost count of the cuts that have been imposed over the years. I know they have been big and I know they have been frequent. Now this government will introduce more. It might think we’ve cried wolf so often that it can ignore us as they have ignored us in the past. If that is what they think they are wrong. Funding has been cut to the bone. There is nothing left to cut. The system is as close to failure through underfunding as I have known. It would grind to a halt were it not for the goodwill and hard work of the legal profession. They deserve better. The government…

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Legal Aid Antipathy, MoD Worries and Scrutinising Surveillance – The Human Rights Roundup

We are delighted to reblog the views of highly respected Human Rights lawyers. They have no financial interest in what TomMcNally disgracefully described as a “wage negotiation.” They are, like us, concerned at this Governments attempts to stifle challenge to its own unlawful behaviour

UK Human Rights Blog

Human rights roundup AGWelcome back to the UK Human Rights Roundup, your regular grape and strawberry fondu of human rights news. The full list of links can be found here. You can also find our table of human rights cases here and previous roundups here. Links compiled by Adam Wagner, post by Sarina Kidd.

This week, important figures criticise the legal aid reforms, the MoD may have to watch their back, surveillance activities threaten to challenge a number of laws and secret ‘justice’ is slammed once again.

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