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Groundhog Day

This is well worth re-blogging for many reasons. Not the least of which is Guy’s demolition of Government spin, and let’s be honest, blatant dishonesty, in their campaign to destroy our Criminal Justice System

Guy Gozem

I know a lot of very good people who work in the criminal justice system (CJS). They have been treated quite appallingly by one government (and one Lord Chancellor) after another. Yet they have kept coming back for more. I’ve lost count of the cuts that have been imposed over the years. I know they have been big and I know they have been frequent. Now this government will introduce more. It might think we’ve cried wolf so often that it can ignore us as they have ignored us in the past. If that is what they think they are wrong. Funding has been cut to the bone. There is nothing left to cut. The system is as close to failure through underfunding as I have known. It would grind to a halt were it not for the goodwill and hard work of the legal profession. They deserve better. The government…

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