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Open Letter to The President of The Law Society

Robert Hardy McBride writes an open letter to the new Law Society President on the plight of small firms and sole practitioners.
We welcome all views on this blog, and are very happy to reblog a contribution from an experienced and much respected High Street Solicitor

Criminal Law Hack

Dear President

Congratulations on your appointment and best wishes for your forthcoming months.

I write in connection with the Government’s proposal in relation to Criminal Law Legal Aid, i.e. Price Competitive Tendering (PCT)

The Law Society was recently stung by the criticism it received after revealing it’s “alternative” to the PCT proposals. The Society was expected it to be universally hailed as a suitable alternative but accepted it would not be popular in some corners.

The truth is that the proposals, if used, would have so many deleterious effects that it should be urgently withdrawn and reconsidered, properly, and a wider membership base directly consulted. It is understandable why there was wide spread criticism.

The Society did not, thankfully, address cuts as the powerful argument has been made and, hopefully won that:

  1. The Ministry’s assertion that Legal Aid costs are “spiralling” out of control have shown to be fallacious and…

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