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A Note of a Meeting with the Lord Chancellor

A note of the Circuit Leaders’ meeting with the Lord Chancellor. He begins with the astonishing claim that the Bar are failing to engage. Not for want of trying Lord Chancellor, as MTQC will confirm. We have indeed put forward many proposals for saving waste and needless expenditure, which you appear not to have read yet.
He also wants to save money by cutting down on needless mentions, seemingly blissfully unaware that we are not paid for these anyway.
Is patently clear from this account that he is woefully underbriefed.
Read and decide for yourselves

A view from the North

I understand this note was compiled by the Leader of the Midlands and Oxford Circuit


LC began by saying that he was surprised that the Bar was not engaging in the consultation process with him. He said that this in distinction to the Law Society who had come up with a set of proposals and were actively debating them with him.

We pointed out that we were engaging with him. The Bar was responsible for a large number of the responses that he had received to his consultation document and contained many reasons why what he proposed was not in the public interest. The responses contained a number of ways in which significant sums could be saved without cutting legal aid payments. We said that we were not prepared to engage in, for example, a debate as to how standards could be maintained in…

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