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64 years of Legal Aid

Gemma looks back on 64 years of Legal Aid

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

Today, 30th July 2013, marks 64 years of Legal Aid. We will Rally for Justice this afternoon, and here’s why:

Legal Aid gives everyone access to justice, which provides a vital safety net and makes our society a civilised one. In a democratic society, we all have a right to access justice and a right to a fair trial. Without legal aid, some are unable to resolve their legal problems.

The turning point was 64 years ago with the Legal Aid and Advice Act 1949.

Sometimes a legal aid funded case can:

– change the law;
– transform public opinion;
– influence government policy; and
– directly affect society.

Legal aid funds advice, help and representation to help people with their legal problems, such as:

– Actions against the police
– Clinical negligence
– Crime
– Debt
– Domestic abuse
– Education
– Employment
– Family
– Housing
– Immigration

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One thought on “64 years of Legal Aid

  1. Access to Justice should not merely be for the wealthy and powerful!
    Nor should the executive determine those to whom justice may be denied!

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