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The Fat Cat’s Tale

Sometimes, the only way to deal with impending catastrophe is through satire. It is a powerful weapon, particularly when deployed against the arrogance and ignorance behind which the Ministry of Justice cower in their prolonged assault against us. “Do Right, Fear no-one””

A view from the North


Today the Daily Spin can reveal the shocking truth behind the scandal of the parasite barristers who are bleeding the public purse dry.

Top criminal barrister, Richard Cash, is at the centre of a storm created by his milking of the system. It has come to light that he regularly earns tens of pounds of taxpayers money by doing his job.

The scandal centres around events that unfolded during the past month at Provincial Town Crown Court. Earlier this month Cash was instructed to prosecute a case of robbery the night before it was due to be heard for trial. That dark evening saw the first of his efforts to enrich himself at the public’s expense.

The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was charged with an offence of street robbery. Knowing all the tricks of the trade, Cash immediately set about preparing the…

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