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Legal Aid

This is the reality of th MoJ’s callous attack on women, and men, who struggle to get access to Justice in the aftermath of this Government’s attempts to shave an insignificant fraction from the spend on vitally needed legal support for the vulnerable.
It’s NOT about lawyers, it’s about people, and their children


This is not a post about the proceedings it relates to, or about my life, but as a blog which discusses social policy through the prism of experience, I felt it was important to mark the implications of being one of the last women in the UK to receive legal aid in a matter relating to family. Because the generations of mothers who come after me, have merited no discussion.

Legal aid is not a gift, nor is it free. Ir requires a considerable lump of money towards it each month. If and when any assets enter the equation, it becomes a loan and any money spent using it has to be repaid. Proceedings can rack up costs that eat houses and future financial security of participants. The mire of rules accompanying it, mean If financial circumstances change too dramatically, it can be lost with no chance to get it…

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One thought on “Legal Aid

  1. Many solicitors offer a free consultation with a client which is usually 15 or 20 minutes. I don’t know any firm that doesn’t. All of the QualitySolicitors partner firms guarantee a 20 min free consultation. This has proved to be invaluable in helping clients to understand what is required for legal aid applications and speeds up the process eventually at the next meeting as not being done piecemeal. But a good article if not slightly sensationalised and factually wrong.

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