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Quality Street

A view from the North

In the domestic visits room at HMP Victorian Holiday Camp. The remand prisoner is talking to his girlfriend. On the previous day he had been before the court for his Plea and Case Management Hearing.

“So right, this guy comes to the cells to see me with all the gear on and is like ‘I’m gonna be your brief.’

So I was like, you know, trying to work him out so I went ‘you gonna get me off?’

But err he looks at me and went ‘well we’ll have to see’

Now you knows me babes. Always thinking. So I ask him about what is going to happen. You know, how things’ll go. Talks about stuff for a bit. Always mentioning me pleading guilty. And I am like ‘hang on, does this guy know what he’s doing?’ You know, like to myself.

So I decide to ask him. ‘Look I…

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