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Do you hear the people sing?

A view increasingly expressed by many. Please let us know YOUR views. We ARE listening


Last night I sat down to watch the news. They led with the prospect of imminent industrial action being mooted by those working in healthcare, because the government were proposing to resile on their promise to increase the pay by 1%, of those who work within the NHS. Instead, the proposal was to freeze their pay, following two previous years of pay freezes. The camera switched to various healthcare workers arguing as to the unfairness of their situation, various union officials venting their fury and of course, the token government junior minister arguing how the pay rises were simply unaffordable. As the arguments went back and forth I couldn’t help but wonder what level of outrage would be manifested if rather than freeze their pay for the third year running, the government chose to cut their pay by between 17 ½ and 30%. I wistfully thought of how nice it…

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2 thoughts on “Do you hear the people sing?

  1. Would it be possible for someone more numerate than I to:
    Take a typical case and calculate by using an average rent and all the other variables taken, from the last pay ‘increase’ date. And show how, year by year, our net remuneration has decreased, with possibly with inflation included.
    This would mean that when we quite rightly complain about our diminishing remuneration, the public would understand why we are so angry.
    If we had to pay for this to be done by an ‘outside expert’, I would be happy to pay my share.

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