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To Strike or Not to Strike

Words of wisdom yet again, from our man in the North.

“The important thing, and this is my mantra, is that we do whatever action proposed by the CBA and/or the Circuit Leaders. Should one or both of those bodies show leadership I will follow without further debate.”

It’s time for all of us, like him, to stand up and be counted. It won’t go away.

Have your say by emailing savelegalaid@criminalbar.com You WILL be listened to.

A view from the North

It would seem the criminal blog du jour is all about the single question…. To strike or not to strike?

So I thought I would briefly set out my thoughts. It seems to me that the debate centres around four critical areas Ethics, Method, Efficacy and Unity.


It is entirely understandable that we, as a profession who uphold the highest ethical standards on a daily basis, are concerned about any action being consistent with our professional duties. It is exactly such standards which we should trumpet as one of the reasons the public would have to lament our demise.

However we are now in a position whereby our professional standards are being demeaned by the Government whilst they also take them for granted. The taper on fees is a slur on every advocate who has ever conducted a trial in the Crown Court. The taper says that the advocate…

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