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I am not Selfish

Humour has its place, and has done much to get our message across. It’s time for the stark reality @mojgovuk

A view from the North

For a long time now I have heralded my opposition to this Government’s policies concerning the criminal justice system under a banner which proclaimed how wonderful that system is. I have joined in the chorus of claims that we have a process of justice which is the envy of the world.

I now recant this boast. I was wrong and I readily admit it. I recently realised the error of my ways when addressing a group of medical practitioners who were partaking in some training concerning medical evidence in cases of sexual assault. We embarked upon a general discussion of the criminal justice system. I described to them, without exaggeration and with some restraint, some of my recent experiences of dealing with cases in recent times.

Those experiences included a crucial witness account being fished out of the bottom of a file by a bored caseworker and brought to counsel’s…

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