Transforming Legal Aid: Next Steps Online Survey not very User-Friendly to us Non Lawyers unless you are in the know or are aware

Supporting UK Justice: For the Defence! by a layman

  1. DO  YOU AGREE WITH THIS MODIFIED MODEL Y/N     NOReducing the number of Suppliers will drastically slash the ability of people to access Legal Representation which goes against The Rule of Law.
    MOJ 40% Fee Slashing means that the Legal Profession has enormous difficulties in retaining/attracting Talent. It also has adversely affected the Profession in that they are unable to enjoy the normal Work-Pay dynamic as the LAA and Sols firms are so bad at paying The Bar.
  2. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE METHOD OF PROCUREMENT UNDER MODIFIED MODEL Y/N REASONS  Procurement  Areas are too large and reduce access to the Public this is against the Rule of Law where the richest and poorest have access to Justice.
  3. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE METHODOLOGY FOR DUTY PROVIDER WORK Y/N NOThe Methodology is flawed. The MOJ has not consulted with the Legal Profession despite repeated attempts by The Criminal Bar Association  by…

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