The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth……Mr Grayling

Will the salaried, pensioned Civil Servants and Ministers at the MoJ “engage” with this?


Everyone at the Bar knows this simple truth : criminal legal aid will not pay the bills.  But perhaps the extent of the “shortfall” is not widely known outside the criminal Bar itself.

I will not go on about the year on year pay cuts criminal barristers have had to endure, nor the further devastation Mr Grayling and this Government seem intent on imposing….I will, instead, simply give you a glimpse of what the financial realties of criminal legal aid are.

My husband …let’s call him Mr X……is 20 years call.  He is well respected.  He is an exceptional advocate.  He does heavy weight crime – has been against silks, done murders and manslaughters without a leader, regularly acts in serious sex cases involving young children, gang crimes etc.  So not a “baby barrister” just starting out.

Despite my pleas to “do something ..anything…else” he continues to “be true” to…

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