The Morning after the CBA rally

We listened to Shailesh Vara on Channel 4 News with resigned disgust. We have been desperately trying to engage with the MoJ over the vast savings to be made through the elimination of #MoJWaste. They promised to engage with us, but have failed to do so. The silence from Petty France on the subject has been deafening.

They are just plain lazy. They do not want to do the work that we have offered to do for them. They prefer to throw away the seed corn by slashing fees beyond economic possibility, let alone reality, because tracking down and stopping waste would be too much like hard work even though it would save many millions more than they would, cutting our fees.

We’ll just have to take it up with Danny Alexander I guess

Still, Mr. Vara continues to peddle the same disingenuous tosh about our fees, against a background of ministers complaining that they have been accused of lying.

Start telling the truth, and engaging with the Criminal Bar.

In the meantime, have a good laugh at yourselves for once.

We can! (And yes, we know you read this)


News of the CBA rally reaches the ears of the Lord Chancellor…

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16/11 The Day the Worm Turned

Another perceptive and incisive masterpiece from Jaime. The rest of us owe a lot to him and our colleagues in the North, and North East.
We hope to publish as many of the speeches from the rally as we can.

A view from the North

These are my notes for my speech to the CBA Rally today

“There cannot be a member of the cabinet whose job title so mismatches their ideology. One imagines that the Health Secretary would wish to promote good health, the
Business secretary wishes to promote business but in our Justice Secretary we have a politician seemingly bent on denying access to justice, unless you are a wealthy oligarch seeking to sue another wealthy oligarch.

He pretends that lawyers are the cause of judicial review when in fact he knows that judicial review is often the only means that an individual citizen can stand up to the state. He seeks to limit the recourse to justice in borderline cases because he knows that it is often only by issuing proceedings will public bodies listen to the complaints of the man in the street.

He demonises those who most often need the…

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