Mr Jinks Joins the Real World.

Our thanks to Jaime Hamilton for bringing this crucial debate to greater prominence. Much as we all have the utmost respect for Nigel Pascoe’s experience and unquestioned integrity, we are only too well aware of the views of our members from which we will not shrink.

Please read what Nigel has to say, as you can see, he has had the good grace to respond to those who put a contrary view.

We are now very confident from our own soundings, not least the response from those delegated to attend the Lincoln’s Inn Hall meeting, that the profession is solid. We now know that we are united, and the the MoJ’s bluff WILL be called.

Practitioners up and down the country can be assured of a united approach from all. This is NOT 2005. The world has changed. The LegalAid Bar is staring extinction in the face. There will be no point in trying to appease those who would destroy us, as Ian West’s response makes graphically clear.

If not now, when?

A view from the North

Nigel Pascoe QC recently posted a piece on his blog entitled “Strike at your peril”. I have reblogged his original piece or you can follow the link here to be taken to it. I suggest you read it before carrying on.

I have been sent a response by a junior member of the Bar on the Northern Circuit. They asked if I would post this on their behalf as they wished to remain unknown. I put this down to uncharacteristic shyness on their behalf. Having read their response I am more than happy to do so. If it had been an attack on Nigel Pascoe then I would not have considered doing so. However I view this as simply that young member of the Bar setting out the counter view to Nigel’s. I happen to agree with it. In fact I endorse the sentiments expressed here and am happy to…

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