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VHCC Panel List

Thanks to Dan Bunting for this. We will keep,you updated

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane


The MoJ have now ‘clarified’ the position and published a new list of those “Self-employed advocates who have [applied for and] been accredited for VHCC cases has been provided to solicitors to assist them in exercising their duty to secure representation for their clients.* “.

The note reads “Please note that the circumstances of the individuals identified in the list may have changed e.g. they may no longer be a member of the chambers listed.

Expect various revisions as more people on the list drop out (and maybe new people are added?).

This follows clarification from the LAA (see story in the Gazette and the Lawyer) saying “The list is simply a list of barristers who have worked on VHCCs. Nothing more, nothing less.

“If a solicitor has contacted the LAA to say that they can’t find or don’t know many barristers or…

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One thought on “VHCC Panel List

  1. I understand that the MOJ has published a list indicating that 4 members of St Johns Buildings Manchester/Liverpool have agreed to undertake VHCC cases under the new fee regulations. This is untrue. We fully support the opposition to these cuts and will not undertake any new cases, on the rates proposed. They appear to have simply lifted our names from the approved Panel list. Kind regards, Ray Herman/ John Gibson

    Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 09:05:35 +0000 To: ray_herman90@hotmail.com

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