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The Winds of Change

The CBA welcomes the recent appointments of Lord Faulks QC and Simon Hughes MP to the Ministry of Justice. As this blog explores, maybe this heralds some cause for optimism as the festive season draws nigh..


Regular readers of this blog may appreciate that I am not exactly a fan of our current Lord Chancellor, Failing Grayling, or indeed his lapdog, Hysterical McNally. True, they have been easy targets to satirise and have provided a rich source of material to poke fun at. From dodgy expense claims, failed policies, constant switching of parties or just plain incompetence, the pair of them present themselves as the gifts which just keep giving – and as Christmas approaches, that’s no bad thing, save for one matter. That ‘one matter’ is a biggie. The two of them seem intent on dismantling the independent criminal bar and with it, our Criminal Justice System.

During the past 8 months or so I have watched whilst consultation responses have been ignored, swingeing cuts have been introduced and matters have got so bad that the criminal bar is set to hold its first strike…

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