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Misinformation By Public Bodies

Why is it always left to the Bar to expose the downright dishonesty of those who seek to mislead the public?

What is worse, is that it is a Publicly elected Government Ministry which is seeking to deceive the electorate.

Pupillage and How to Get It

Ahead of Monday’s action (reminder: which I reluctantly support), the MoJ has published an “Ad Hoc Statistical Release”. Its purpose is clearly to prejudice readers, which will include the media, against the Bar. As such it is a disgusting piece of work – a Ministry should not seek to argue a political case against a group of private citizens at all, still less by the use of data obtained in an effort to promote ‘efficiency’. The counter-argument is that everyone is entitled to “the truth”. Alas, that argument cannot properly be deployed in this case because:

  • These figures have not previously been released. They have not been reviewed by any neutral body and have not previously been thought necessary.
  • However, the MoJ says that “These data are released to address the public interest in the area and provides [sic] improvements to previous published figures that will add to the additional…

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