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Handbags and Gladrags

The public can have confidence that ours is a campaign with no real spin to it. We have no image consultants saying “No Mulberry, only second hand clothing, dahling, and can you all look a bit more glum please, sweetie.” Ours is an argument without spin.

A view from the North

Nobody could have predicted that a barrister’s handbag would have featured on the Today programme on R4 the day after a significant and unprecedented protest by the legal profession.

There has been plenty said about a photograph of the protest which showed the handbag in question. Less was said about a photograph taken of the protest in Manchester that was also published by national news outlets and was splashed over Twitter.

That photograph showed a barrister holding a placard protesting at the fee cuts. The barrister in question was wearing a wax jacket (non-Barbour) that is over twenty years old and is secondhand. I know the provenance of the wax jacket as it used to belong to my farmer father-in-law and is now my coat of choice for dog walking. And striking. In wet and windy Northern weather.

So the fact that I was wearing a hand-me-down jacket of limited…

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