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Oh yes! I am the Public Defender

“As I come to think of it I cannot help but wonder if those masters of spontaneity, the MoJ statisticians, are going to publish some ad hoc figures which will compare the new salaried income of the three Silks against their previous earnings? Such figures factoring in expenses, pensions, the cost of administrative staff etc. I am sure that such things can be calculated by the clever number crunchers. And I know how keen they are in giving the public really good information to inform the debate. So inform the public. The PDS is going to cost the taxpayer more than the current system. Now MoJ statisticians have you got any impromptu figures to prove me wrong?”

A view from the North

“If I were running a business and I had the choice between a group of people on my payroll, National Insurance, pension contribution, who I had to pay come rain or shine, who I had to pay whilst on holiday and all the rest…. Or I could use a team of experienced freelancers I’d go for the experienced freelancer every time”.

This quote goes to the very heart of why the self-employed Bar represents good value to the taxpayer when it comes to the procurement of advocacy services. The taxpayer does not pay me when I am ill, does not have to find work for me when I have none, does not have to provide back office staff, does not have to pay them when they are ill, does not have to have HR concerns about me, does not have to give me free eye tests because I read cases…

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