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I Cannae Change the Laws of Physics

Yet again the selective and disingenuous use of statistics by the MoJ is exposed by our friend in the North. How much longer do we have to put up with this?

A view from the North

I imagine that this evening The Lord Chancellor is seething. Those pesky statisticians have gone and done it again. Their ad hoc releases of facts and figures now litter the Internet like Tribbles on the Starship Enterprise (that’s a reference to Star Trek in case you don’t know, which is a reference I get immediately but that may say more about me than it does you. Can we forget I ever mentioned Star Trek and get back to the MoJ?)

So, as I was saying before I interrupted myself with a sci-fi analogy, today has seen the publication of a Legal Aid update with some facts and figures about the Legal Aid budget. To give them their credit they did hold out until the final page and three paragraphs before the end of the document before the words “at £2 billion we have one of the most expensive Legal Aid…

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