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Selling out the Criminal Defendant – and you never know, in the future this could be you.

This is what is happening NOW in our sister democracy. The largest economy in the world, which proudly. Modelled it’s legal system on our own.
They introduced a Public Defender System. It is a disaster. Our own Lord Chancellor is now attempting to resuscitate our own long moribund version. It died a death because it was inefficient and cost MORE than the independent Bar. He is only doing it in a desperate attempt to frustrate our increasingly successful efforts to persuade the public that his proposed cuts are an ideological sham, designed solely to impress his political masters in the Treasury and Downing Street.
This HAS to stop.
Our grateful thanks to “Gurdena” for telling it like it really is


Following the announcement last week that the Ministry of Justice intends to expand the Public Defender Service in England and Wales, I have decided to wade into the debate.

Firstly, there is a reason it has taken me a week to get around to typing up this blog. For the past week I have been working on case preparation for the Miami Office of the Public Defender, an office which I work with on a voluntary basis and which is so snowed with cases that its elected Public Defender Carlos Martinez had to take the unprecedented step of petitioning the Florida Supreme Court to ask permission to refuse to accept some felony cases due to an excessive workload. The Florida Supreme Court said in its judgment

‘Attorneys are routinely unable to interview clients, conduct investigations, take depositions, prepare mitigation, or counsel clients about pleas offered….instead the office engages in triage…

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