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Hannah Evans – Legal Aid Heroine

“We are professional people doing a difficult job and we deserve adequate recompense. It is worth stressing again that I did not come into this job to make money. It’s been clear for many years that the criminal Bar is not the route to riches.”

A view from the North

At the weekend Hannah Evans, a third six pupil at 23 Essex Street, gave a speech to the One Bar: One Voice event arranged by the Bar Council. It would be fair to say that she stole the show. The room listened to her eloquent speech in total silence. Not bored silence but totally rapt silence. One senior member of the Bar remarked to me afterwards that he was almost moved to tears.

At the the end of her speech I tweeted that she has displayed every talent and skill that required nurturing, not extinguishing. She is the very reason why the Lord Chancellor should hang his head in shame and rethink these proposals. As a member of the Bar, when you are asked to perform a selfless act to fight these proposals you fight for access to justice, for yourself and for Hannah.

With Hannah’s kind permission I reproduce…

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