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Silk. Get it while you can….



Chris Grayling, the Lord Chancellor, is doing his level best to ruin our profession. His plan, so it appears, is to achieve that aim by misleading (dishonest) statistics, responsibility for which he denies, and by peddling to the public the income of a minuscule minority in the hope that they will buy into the insinuation that every legal aid barrister is rolling in money.

At the same time, he advertises for Public Defenders to whom he will pay a pro rata rate which, when you factor in Paye, NI, holiday time, pensions, training and everything else will probably cost the taxpayer double what the current top grossing QCs are taking home.

This, simply, is because it’s not about the money money money, it’s all about the price tag.
Or using the price tag to deceive the public into thinking the Bar is a waste of money.

It’s not.

Last night…

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