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Guest Post: To Arms

“We should stand now, as lawyers before us have done across so many other jurisdictions and through countless years to protect justice from the state. If we do not do so then we and the system clearly could not have been worth saving.”

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

Guest Post by Will Nelson (http://www.twitter.com/wjn80), Higher Courts Advocate at Kent Defence (http://www.twitter.com/KentDefence).

I was walking my dog just outside a little Kentish village at the weekend when I crossed the main road, rounded a bend and came upon the decaying remains of the old colliery. Red brick and brown rusting steal resting amongst the tall weeds like the skeletal carcass of a once great beast. It occurred to me that not that long ago and certainly within the memory of a great many in this profession, the miners who worked that pit had suddenly realised that something so important to them and the community was being ripped away for reasons of ideology hidden by the veil of cost and progress. I wonder how those that are still with us feel now when contracts for brand new coal fired power stations are awarded to overseas investors by the same party…

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