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A Brief History of Crime

“We now have the latest version of a graduated fee scheme. If Lord Carter was to examine the proposed “reforms” he would no more recognise this model of remuneration as would Julius Caesar recognise modern Rome. The odd relic here and there but a landscape changed beyond recognition by increasingly incompetent politicians.”

A view from the North

I have always been at the vanguard of social change. Not in a personal way, affecting change, but as a coincidental bystander. I guess you could say I am Forrest Gump but with less running. Examples of my place in history include the fact that I was introduced to the world at the same time as decimalisation. I was a child from whom Margaret Thatcher snatched milk. I sat the short lived 16+ examinations as the forerunner to GCSEs and consequently have 8 O-Levels and 5 CSEs in 8 subjects. I was in the first year of students to have student loans.

More importantly I was the first specialist criminal pupil in my chambers. Until 1994 chambers had always operated a policy of offering essentially common law pupillages. At that time chambers did a mix of personal injury, employment, family, chancery and crime. Chambers identified a problem. The very talented…

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