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The Indignity of Impotence – Why We Must ‘Strike’

50 Shades of Affray

They observed one another; the undeniable feeling of anticipation was tangible and electric. After weeks of pregnant expectation and waiting, the time had finally come. She smiled wryly and his heart skipped a beat as she advanced provocatively in his direction. The move wasn’t entirely unexpected, but he nevertheless felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand to attention as the pressure mounted. He knew that she would be watching his every reaction. ‘This is what I was born to do’ he thought, as he loosened off his collar. But, he couldn’t turn away from the nagging feeling of internal doubt, which suddenly enveloped him like a cold, wet blanket. As the crucial moment of impending conquest approached, something happened; something unimaginable.


He didn’t notice his own unconscious reluctance at first, but she of course did. It was difficult to ignore his limp, wilted enthusiasm or the clumsy, artificial attempts to rouse that…

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