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No Returns

‘No Returns’ is the next step in the escalating series of action being taken by the CBA. As the following speech delivered to the LCCSA on ‘Grayling Day’ by Richard Bentwood makes clear, the policy has the potential to bring the system to a halt very quickly, simply by the removal of goodwill.


What follows is the text of the speech I gave at a meeting of the LCCSA today, on ‘No Returns’.

Anyone who works within the criminal justice system knows of one fundamental truth. That the system, as it stands, is not fit for purpose. Every day, trials go off when interpreters dont turn up, or turn up speaking the wrong language. Every day, trials fail to start on time because in an effort to save costs the bare minimum number of prison vans are arranged, so if you happen to be at the end of  the drop off schedule, then theres no chance of the defendant being there on time. In an effort to save money, less recorders are sitting, less courtrooms are open and as for the CPS, to describe them as in meltdown would be a kindness.  Dozens of hearings aren’t effective due to lack of service of…

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