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Lies, Damned Lies and Chimneys.

“Grayling is to the high street solicitor what Fred Dibnah was to chimneys.”

A view from the North

Chris Grayling is a bit like Bono. Last week in an interview with the Bolton News, the Dark Lord Chancellor said: “I have not been surprised by the strength of feeling we have faced. But, strike action won’t change anything I’m afraid to say.”

My first thoughts were how much I relished the challenge. I also thought it was a bold, potentially unwise statement. “Strike” is not a word I am afraid to use but it is a word too simple to explain the complex mess that Grayling has created. The VHCC position is not a “strike” it is the straightforward acknowledgement that the market is not prepared to work at the rates on offer. And that is part of Grayling’s problem. He views the imminent collapse of the provision of criminal solicitors as a consolidation of the market. He is to the high street solicitor what Fred Dibnah…

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