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A Long Walk to Justice

Tiffany Francis

‘To no one will We sell, to no one will We deny or delay, right or justice.’
Clause 40, Magna Carta

It’s been almost 800 years since the Magna Carta was first sealed by King John on the bank of the Thames in June 1215. In that time we’ve witnessed the abolition of slavery, the women’s suffrage movement and the introduction of gay marriage, as society has pushed forward to bring equality and security to all its citizens. By 2015 we should be entering an era where the money in your pocket should not determine your entitlement to basic human rights. Why is it then, that in February 2014 the Lord Chancellor announced what will amount to a 25% cut in legal aid, the service that provides a fair trial to those who cannot afford to hire a private solicitor?


As the first Lord Chancellor since the 17th century not to…

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