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One or Two Facts

“If the LCJ can go into bat on behalf of the beleaguered judiciary he can join me on the steps of Crown Square on the next day of action. “

A view from the North

We have all heard certain phrases so often that we know them almost as well as we know the England batting order for the 1981 Ashes Test at Old Trafford…..okay that may only be me. The phrases I am thinking of in this particular instance are “all in it together”, “it’s not right that someone will earn from public money more than the Prime Minister”, “Legal Aid cannot be immune from cuts” and its natural bedfellow “at £2bn we have one of the most expensive Legal Aid blah blah blah….”

Then I saw the news recently that various workers in the public sector were up in arms about their pay situation. “Too right,” I thought, “those gits in Government have been cutting our pay for far too long. Time for us to rise up and fight!” So I did a little research. And it turns out that those gits in…

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