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Mean, Median and Mendacity

Here we are. A mathematical critique of the works of Shailesh Vara, who protests that his and Grayling’s door is always open to “constructive negotiations” over cuts that are “set in stone.” A man whose minions were saying only a week ago that the action on the 7th did not affect the running of the courts, but today claimed, in Justice Questions, in answer to a planted question from a Tory Timothy, (actually David Mowat MP,) that the action “caused a lot of inconvenience to victims and witnesses.”
Mean and Mendacious are just two words amongst many that could be used to describe him. They are chosen from the more polite end of the spectrum

A view from the North

For quite a while now the lawyers and the politicians have been locking horns over the income of the Bar. To a certain extent this is a red herring. We get paid by the case and the argument should be about how much the case is worth relative to the amount of time spent on it whilst factoring in the seriousness of the charge. We are piece workers – we get paid by the piece. However that is another blog for another time.

So there has been lots floating around about what the average income is for the Criminal Barrister. Sheilash Vara issued the definitive answer when he told anyone who would listen that the stats showed that the average income was £84,000 per year. That figure did not seem to be available anywhere else other than in the pronouncements of Vara so some of us contacted the Statistics Authority…

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