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Conduct Unbecoming

The CBA Executive took a decision on behalf of its members on Wednesday 26th March to accept an offer from the MOJ. Following representations from its members, the CBA Executive agreed to hold a ballot of its membership to determine whether the majority wished to accept the Executive’s decision or whether to reject it and thereafter adopt a new policy. The ballot has therefore been open to all members of the CBA as at that date only.

Today has seen 3 people seeking to join the CBA in order to register a vote. On being advised that this was not possible, they thought it fit to verbally abuse and bully Aaron Dolan, the administrator of the CBA. This bullying, cowardly behaviour is shameful and unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


3 thoughts on “Conduct Unbecoming

  1. Can I just put my 10p’s worth in. I spoke to Aaron just after the whole issue arose …. after the meeting with Grayling. There had been some who had seen fit to fail to identify themselves and have a pop at him. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour, and I told Aaron so. He is a wonderful, and calm, voice – he has a wicked sense of humour and is dedicated to his job. He is just what we all need. Whomever it was who employed him should bottle the commonsense they had in offering him the job. He has done a simply superb job, for the past 7-8 years with absolute dedication and loyalty to each member of the CBA.

    This should not be personal against Aaron, he does not make the rules. Can you IMAGINE what those unruly few would have to say if he did?!?

    Aaron, if you are reading this, keep your chin up – don’t be bullied and give that lovely hound of yours a hug from me!!

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