Neil Wilson’s sentence referred to Court of Appeal by Attorney-General

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Note: Para references refer to the transcript of the original sentence hearing on 5 August 2013.

Neil Wilson pleaded to various sexual offences. These were reported – in varying accuracy and detail – in early August. David Cameron waded in, not wanting to miss an opportunity to get a nice media sound bite.

You will no doubt remember the media furore over the language used by the prosecutor and the judge in describing the victim’s behaviour. We don’t propose to go into this, save to say that as with any media reports, caution should be taken when relying on them. In relation to the prosecutor, though the language used seems poorly chosen, it is stil unknown whether there was a reason behind using that particular language.

See here, here and here for some news reports.

The offences

There were two indictments:

The Snaresbrook Indictment

Count 2, sexual activity with…

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Swapping my wig for a plastic name badge

A young member of the Bar ponders on the future of the Criminal Justice system should Grayling get his way .
This is not fantasy, it mirrors precisely the dangers that the public will be exposed to.
We should not, and will not, let up on our campaign



It all really went wrong for me overnight. A major supermarket chain bid for the West London criminal legal aid tender. They won. They undercut my regular solicitors massively.

My two biggest instructing solicitors were raided overnight. All the junior solicitors were given contracts, promised shares and double nectar points. Of the partners, a couple took judicial appointments, one even joined the CPS, the rest retired, one even runs a pub now apparently.

I was lucky that a couple of the firms were bought up and their outstanding bills were paid. It was a little like being given a redundancy payment. I put in a special account at the bank, I didn’t really know when I’d see any money again.

Meanwhile in Chambers

In Chambers things were a shambles. The QCs patrolled the corridors, telling people to maintain the status quo and that diaries would never empty.

Three of…

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